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Request Code, it is a Base64 netbalancer string that represents 256-bytes-long data, while the 256-bytes-long data is the cipher text of the offline activation information encrypted by, navicat Activation Public Key. Offline Activation Request Information, it is just a json-style ascii string which contains 3 items. Respectively they are "K "DI" and "P which represent snKey, DeviceIdentifier (related with your machine Platform (Appropriately speaking, it should be OS Type).Like: "K "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx "P "Mac.13 "DI "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx". Activation Code, it is a Base64 string that represents 256-bytes-long data, while the 256-bytes-long data is the cipher text of the offline activation response information encrypted by Navicat Activation Private Key (so far, we don't know official activation private key). Offline Activation Response Information Just like Offline Activation Request Information, it is also a json-style ascii string. But it contains 5 items.Respectively they are "K "N "O "T 'DI'. "K" and "DI" has the same meaning mentioned in Offline Activation Request Information and must be same with the corresponding items in Offline Activation Request Information. "N "O "T" represent Name, Organization, Time respectively. Name and Organization are string and the type of Time can be string or integer (Thanks for discoveries from @Wizr, issue #10).Differ from Navicat Windows version, "T" is mandatory and must be -1 4 days difference from current time. Here is an example of Offline Activation Response Information : "DI" : "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx "T" : ".925012 "K" : "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx "N" : "DoubleLabyrinth "O" : "Shadow" snKey It is a 4-block-long movavi string, while every block is 4-chars-long. SnKey is generated by 10-bytes-long data. In order to explain it easily, I use data10 to represent the 10-bytes-long data.

Column c9 format a35 heading 'customer column c10 format a8 heading 'vremja compute count label 'Itogo' of f1 on report; compute sum label 'Pallet' of c8 on report; select ipment_number. Navicat Premium (Windows) is now available. New Features: Support to sync selected conntection settings, queries, model files and virtual group information to Navicat Cloud.For more information, please visit here. Improvements: Support PostgreSQL.3 Materialized View. Support SQLite.8 without rowid.Support parameter in Report command lin. This repository will tell you how Navicat offline activation works. Navicat Activation Public Key, it is a, rSA-2048 public key that Navicat used to encrypt or decrypt offline activation information. It is stored. You can see it by any kind of text editor.The concrete content is: -begin public KEY-, awidaqab -END public KEY. If you have the corresponding private key, please tell. I would be very appreciated for your generous.Notice: Start from, navicat Premuim.0.24 for Mac, the public key is no longer stored. Instead, the public key is stored in Navicat executable file. You can see it by searching string "-begin public KEY- ".

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