Key navicat premium 11.0.17

Support UTF16 formatted files in Execute SQL File and Query's Import SQL functions. Support PostgreSQL.5 keywords in Query Editor. Bug Fixes: The media keys (play, pause, next etc) did not work. Unable to connect MariaDB.5 with SSL.Failed to transfer data in Chinese locale. Foreign keys check SQL was missing at the end of the dumped SQL file. Crashed when synchronizing model to database in some cases. Unable to show the light coloring when the tab is non-active.To upgrade, please visit our, customer Center. Improvements: Support json data type linux for editor PostgreSQL. Query profile now support to show in server level.Bug Fixes: Date time picker was not shown fully in some Linux environments. Fixed to set mysql_OPT_local_infile for MariaDB connection. Database properties for SQL Server not able to alter proper compatibility levels. Unable to save local file if database name contained heading/tailing space. Crashed when loading and parsing a long incorrect syntax SQL in Query.

May 8 2014, navicat Premium (Mac) version.0.17 is now available. Update SQLite.8.4. Allow drag to reorder field as default in Table Designer. Allow customization for PostgreSQL Index and Trigger items in tool bar. Connection password was unable to be saved.The database names were truncated and the right half of the list was completely empty under advanced connections list in MySQL/PostgreSQL Connection Properties. The state of running in full screen was unable to be saved, so that Navicat only started up in window mode. Error message occured while viewing table structure to show the file path. Default value ' turned premium into ' in MySQL Table Designer.Disabled the vertical elastic effect to avoid wrong colour drawing for row index 0 key in Table Viewer. The result dataset did not show warning messages for unknown type query in SQL Server Query Viewer. Crashed when getting Oracle Materialised View. When previewed and enabled save queries to file, queries were not correctly written to the file in Data Synchronization.The file and file size position in Model info view were wrong. Crashed when right-clicked on an open area and seleted "Restore Backup". The bookmark setting of saved path was incorrect in Backup schedule. Navicat Premium.0.17 x86 x642020, ENG. Improvements: Support inputting tabs in the editor of Table Designer.

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