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The learning curve is small. Love that audacity is free! What else could you ask for? There really is no reason not to use. Voice recording is our most used function.It is simple and straight forward. We have trained non-technical voice over talent to use. The cleanup tools have saved us from having to go out and rerecord some bad original recordings.Being able to cut out sections of recordings and insert a different audio piece is a great time saver. Read full review, view all 1 answers on this topic, cons. Audacity, audacity has changed some icons recently for certain editing video functions and that can be confusing for users and support. The interface isn't the worst I have seen but the UI isn't exactly enjoyable on Mac. Some of the functionality can quickly feel overwhelming to a new user, pointing toward help documentation the first time an advanced tool is used would be appreciated.WavePad only works with a single audio track. NCH does offer MixPad for multi-track editing. We also use MixPad occasionally to mix background music with voice. Read full review, view all 1 answers on this topic, likelihood to Renew. Audacity, no score, no answers yet, no answers on this topic.

Likelihood to Recommend, audacity, overall Audacity is a great program for audio editing in a wide range of uses. It is quick and easy to start using it for basic tasks but has the functions to do more advanced tasks with a little understanding of the interface. Audacity has many editing options available and a wide range of keyboard and mouse shortcuts so anyone using it professionally would be able to navigate it quickly and is available on the three main computer platforms, Windows, MacOS. Audacity is a small download and small install meaning start up is quick, and running multiple instances is possible and doesn't hog machine e only time I think it may not be suitable is for complete novices.Read full review, view all 17 answers on this topic. WavePad, highly recommended for voice over recording and editing. Great for splicing together several different recorded files to create a final track. Our voice over talent typically sends us their unedited recordings with multiple recordings of the script. Then we can listen to the different versions to select the best fit for our client.We just key select the sections we like and copy them into a new file, then continue to add the sections until we have the final voice over. It is easy to tighten up or stretch out the recording to better fit our timeline. We have not used WavePad for recording live for music so not sure how well it is suited for that. If you need multi-track editing you will need another product. MixPad makes a nice companion.Read full review, view all 1 answers on this topic, pros. Audacity, audacity has a wide variety of controls and capabilities for editing, making it a very robust tool for audio editing. Even though it's a robust tool, it is very easy to use to get many basic things done in audio editing.

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