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Disconnect the network and open Navicat. Find the registration window and fill in the serial number given to you by keygen. Then click the Activate button. In general, online activation will definitely fail.At this time, Navicat will ask you if you want to activate crack manually. In the manual activation window you will get a request code, copy it and paste it into keygen. Finally, don't forget to double-click at least twice to enter the end.Your name: DoubleLabyrinth Your organization: DoubleLabyrinth Input request code (in Base64 input empty line to end: Request Info: "K navadhcnp2oidv46 "DI Y2eJk9vrvfGudPG7Mbdn "P WIN 8" Response Info: License: YZ5rT4LML2Fx6Wgnnklb5g If nothing else, you will get an activation code that appears to be encoded in Base64. Copy it directly and paste it into Navicat's manual activation window, and finally click the activate button. If there is nothing unexpected, it should be activated successfully. Intelligent Recommendation Navicat Premium 12 activation method After consulting a lot of methods, similar to the root directory file, cmd copy activation code and other methods are invalid, I chose to use a registration machine to solve, the steps are as follows. Navicat Premium 12 installation and activation Navicat Premium.0.23 Simplified Chinese 64-bit Activation Tools: m/s/1SjrV04VkNV14BGP5odxqkQ Extraction code: 4ppz Steps for usage: For example, I extracted the file to F:Nav.

Navicat Premium 12 latest version activation (including windows and Mac). Inactive page, the latest version is updated like this. Download the latest crack package download link. Unzip unzip files.Right-click on the start menu Open the command line window with administrator privileges Enter the address of your unpacked package. For example, I am: cd file example diagram, then run the path below to write your Navicat full installation path. Path movavi finding: Path map navicat-patcher. Exe "C:Program FilesPremiumSoftNavicat Premium 12".The above picture shows normal, run the following code navicat-keygen. Exe -text m, you will be asked to choose the Navicat product navicat category, language and enter the major version number. A serial number is then randomly generated.Select Navicat product:. ReportViewer (Input index) 1, select product language:. Portuguese (Input index) 1 (Input major version number, range: 0 15, premium default: 12).Serial number: nava-dhcn-P2OI-DV46, your name: You can use this serial number to temporarily activate Navicat. Next you will be asked to enter your username and organization name; please fill in as you like, but not too long. Your name: DoubleLabyrinth, your organization: DoubleLabyrinth Input request code (in Base64 input empty line to end: You will then be asked to fill in the request code. Note Do not close the command line.

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