Nero platinum 11 download

editor The guys at Nero havent left anything to chance and thats why theyve included in their Platinum 2020 suite, up to 6 different tools with which we can work on almost any aspect of our videos, photos. Nero MediaHome : through this function we can access all our online multimedia files stored in OneDrive, allowing us to organize them and play them via streaming straight from the cloud without having to download absolutely anything. Nero DuplicateManager Photo : over time, youll probably end up downloading or saving on your PC copies of the same images time and time again, creating duplicates that only take up unnecessary space on your hard drive.Thanks to this option, you can easily find them, manage them, and delete those that you no longer need. Nero BackItUp : this option is focused on keeping our most valuable files always safe by scheduling automatic backups that will be saved on the cloud storage service of our choice. All the latter, in a safe manner by means of data encryption and taking movavi up as little space as possible by means of compressing the files. Nero Recode : with this tool, we'll be able to rip the contents of an optical disc, whether DVD or Blu-ray and convert the extracted audio or video to another format that may suit our needs the best. Nero Burning ROM : the most classic function of Nero just in case any old-fashioned users needs to continue recording discs, but now with SecurDisc.0 technology, that includes 256-bit encryption and password protection to keep all our data safe.More competition for Spotify, yes, we've only mentioned six tools, we haven't forgotten how to count. To the previous features, we have to add yet another tool: Audials Music Recorder, the online music streaming function with download options developed by Nero.

Quite some time ago, Nero managed to leave behind that idea that it was only a program to record CDs and DVDs to now become one of the most complete multimedia suites out there. The truth is that at the end of the 90s and beginning of the 2000s, this software was a synonym editor for burning optical discs, and we used it on a daily basis to record music CDs, save the movies. But times have changed. Now there are much more appropriate and comfortable supports to save, transport, and access information than a simple disc that will end up deteriorating or getting damaged.And neither do we consume multimedia contents like yesteryear. CDs, DVDs, and Blu-rays have given way to external memory drivers and cloud storage, whilst downloading music, movies, series, and games has lost download out to online services of the likes of Spotify, Netflix or Steam.Control any aspect of your digital life wherever you. But far from falling into disuse and oblivion, Nero has known how to reinvent itself. It has become one of the best multimedia packs for Windows with a Classic variant and a Platinum version that offer us loads of different functions to work on our multimedia files from the comfort of our desktop computer. Nero 2020 Platinum: 7 tools.

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