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Effects pane and select the, chroma Key effect in the list of available effects. Three, chroma Key color options will be available:. Select the background color by clicking on spy the respective icon: Chroma Key Blue, Chroma Key Green or, chroma Key Pink. You can pick up the distinct color for your background:.1 Click the Settings drop-down arrow. 6.2 Select the Picker checkbox in the Settings window.6.3 In the Preview area click the background of the picture to select the needed color. The effect will erase your color background.Now you need to add a background picture or video to your clip. Do it in the following way:. Add the second video track to the Timeline:.Add a background picture or video file to the Media pane. Drag navicat and drop this platinum media file from the Media pane to the lower track on the Timeline panel.

Chroma key is the technology of combining two pictures or video streams in one composition. Nowdays this technology is often used on TV and in film making. During film production an object is located in front of monochromatic background. The most commonly used background colors are green and blue though other distinct colors also can be used. Then this background is replaced by a necessary clip: burning car, map for weather forecast mack or a beautiful landscape.Movavi Video Editor allows you to add any background video or picture to your video. In order to use the, chroma key effect correctly in, movavi Video Editor, you have to add two media files to the program (the main video file and the background media file then you should create second video track on the. Timeline panel (the first one exists by default so it should be two video tracks on the. Timeline : the upper one and the lower one).Then you have to put the main video file on the upper video track, and the background media file - on the lower track. Chroma key effect have to be applied to the upper video track (to the main video file). So, follow the below steps to perform this procedure correctly:. Launch, movavi Video Editor.Add a video clip with a solid background color to your project. Drag and drop this video file from the. Media pane to the, timeline panel. Select the clip in the, timeline by clicking the left mouse button.

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